Advantages of Germany as a business location

There are many reasons for an investment in Germany. Companies from all over the world are always welcome. Here you will find ideal conditions for successful business

• Leading economy

• Global player

• High productivity

• Excellent professionals

• Innovative power

• Outstanding infrastructure

• Attractive support programs

• Competitive tax rates

• Safe investment environment

• First class quality of life

Germany generates almost a quarter of the gross domestic product in Europe and is the largest economy in Europe. With more than 83 million inhabitants Germany is the largest country in the EU and an influential financial center, seat of the European Central Bank. From Germany you have access to the European Union (EU) with 446 million consumers.

Optimum trading structures and long-standing contacts to the high-revenue European markets have made Germany a hub between East and West and a stepping stone to the future markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Germany has a highly developed infrastructure and one of the world’s densest motorway networks. Almost 230,000 km of roads, of which more than 13,000 km are motorways, and approx. 38,000 km of rails make the country a hub for European freight traffic.

Research and development are particularly supported by the state. All companies are treated equally, regardless of whether they are managed by Germans or foreigners.

Germany has been providing political stability and legal certainty for almost 77 years, the best inventor country in Europe.

Almost 26,000 patent applications to the European Patent Office (EPO) came from Germany in 2020. This makes the Federal Republic of Europe champions. Globally, Germany is in second place, behind the USA. For multinational companies, Germany is one of the world’s most attractive target countries for research investments.

Highly qualified German specialists set international standards. High standards in study and professional training ensure a large supply of excellently qualified workers.

Research at the highest level and close cooperation between science, research and industry make Germany one of the most important innovation locations in the world.

Germany offers a competitive system of corporate taxation. The average tax burden is just under 30 percent, with some municipalities offering lower tax rates. All corporations – GmbH, Public Company (AG) and German permanent establishments of foreign corporations – are subject to corporation tax. The income tax of corporations basically consists of three components: corporation tax, solidarity surcharge and trade tax.

Due to locally different trade tax rates, there is no nationwide uniform tax rate for corporation tax. However, the corporate tax rate 15% plus the solidarity surcharge ( 5,5 %,  basic corporate tax) is set nationwide. In an international comparison, this is favorable.

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